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Our Services


You may take lessons on our school horses or trailer your own horse in. Lessons may be group or private, and the lesson schedule and lengths are flexible.


We specialize in improving your communication with the horse. You will become a more effective rider. Come for a few "tune-up" lessons or keep coming for long-term education.

Does your horse not like to trailer? Are you states away from Katherine. Do you just prefer the comfort of your own arena?  Good news, we now offer Virtual Lessons via Pivo!


Are you looking to compete? If so Katherine offers a more rigorous lesson plan for students who want to rise through the level. Katherine's experience judging has given her the skills to implement fundamentals in order to accelerate advancement through the levels. Katherine will formulate a plan customized to your goals and needs as well as your horses. This will include keeping your horse on a special show-fit diet. Students who opt for this option will also receive in-person coaching at local shows for warmup or just to get their horses to the showground!

(Partial & Full Training)

Every horse and every rider is different. At Kaladiescope Farm we believe everyone should have a personalized boarding and training plan to ensure a happy horse and rider. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer.


(We are currently full for the winter season of '22-'23,

please contact us to be put on the waiting list)

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